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For vacationers, Airstream mornings likely consist of either sleeping in or getting up extra early for a morning activity. But, as full-time RV residents, we’ve made it a point to develop a good morning routine to set the tone for the day. We take any opportunity to create structure for our very adventurous life, and it gives us the chance to start our days doing something we love. Either you run the day or the day runs you, right?

Cheers and Coffee

Daniel and I are as compatible as peanut butter and jelly, but we are very different when it comes to the early hours of the day. I wake up super early, full of energy, and ready to do a good morning cheer. Some say that I’m so excited in the morning that only dogs can hear me. Meanwhile, Daniel can’t function without first making himself a really strong cup of coffee. Funny enough, for someone who needs caffeine so badly, his process for making coffee is quite time consuming. To each their own…

Let the Sunshine In

Since I’m such a considerate wife, I try to wait until after Daniel wakes up and makes his morning brew before I open the shades in all 19 windows of our Airstream. It’s hard to wait to see the beautiful view and sunshine again, but my reward for my patience is a nice cup of tea from my handsome barista. Next, I make the bed. Before we moved into our Airstream, we lived in hotels and Airbnbs for about a year and a half and obviously, we never made the bed there (shh!). But, it’s important to do so in our Airstream so that that area can be a functional space. It’s actually become a morning tradition that brings me joy, and is my first completed task of the day. Now onto the next one!

I typically then relax for a bit while reading a book, and at some point during my literary journey, Daniel’s rocket fuel kicks in. I swear, he becomes this entirely different person, ready to take on the world! This is the Daniel most people typically see — the caffeinated one. 

Exercising the Mind, Body, and Soul

I usually go for a morning run, while lately Daniel goes for a walk (not because he likes to take it easy, but because the dude ran four marathons in six weeks so he totally deserves the break). One of my favorite things about living in an Airstream is that I get to enjoy gorgeous new views during my runs every single week. There are always exciting things to see — and it never gets boring. When I’m done, I come back home for a delicious breakfast, and one of my favorites is overnight oats. It’s delicious, easy to make, and nutritious (and if you want my recipe, you’ll find it on our YouTube video).

Living the Life of an Influencer

Part of Daniel’s morning routine is reading and replying to all of our YouTube comments. We love all the feedback and advice we get from our viewers! In a short time we’ve already learned so much from fellow RVers, and hope we can help others learn from our successes and typically hilarious failures. Next, we start our workday. Whether you’re boondocking on the side of a mountain or existing safely at home in your jammies, being able to work remotely is one of the biggest advantages of technology. 

Watch for yourself so you can see our lovely morning routine — and get a killer overnight oats recipe. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, Wanderlocal, so you don’t miss a single episode of this adventure!

Author Bio
Lauren Davenport is the CEO of The Symphony Agency, a healthcare communications firm providing technology and marketing solutions to help healthcare practices grow fast and efficiently. She’s been featured in Forbes and local magazines, showcasing her experiences as a small business owner. Daniel Fernandez is the Chief Experience Officer at the Symphony Agency and host of The Healthcare CEO podcast.

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