Trinity, 4, with September's Freak Shake. Photos courtesy Bake'n Babes.

People Helping People: Bake’n Babes’ Freak Shakes helped fight pediatric cancer

The Best of the Bay-winning bakery Bake’n Babes makes fantastical Freak Shakes with a different theme each month, with part of the proceeds from each $20 Shake going to a local non-profit. September’s beneficiary was the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, and the bakery’s Instagram account featured sweet photos of young survivors alongside the Shake, a towering vanilla concoction topped with a gold Hershey bar, a Fruity Pebbles cookie, an ice cream sandwich, a lollipop, whipped cream and a celebratory gold star.

Trinity, pictured above, has been battling neuroblastoma since she was 2. Despite being on daily chemo treatments and enduring more hospital visits than any child should, Trinity is a fighter and you’ll often see a smile on her face.

“Helping the community has always been an important part of Bake’n Babes,” said bakery founder Julie Curry. Bake’n Babes operates out of the downtown Tampa restaurant Gen X Tavern.

Aubriana, 8 (right, with her older sister Abigail), was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in December 2019. She underwent surgery that successfully removed her tumor but left her right side paralyzed. She is currently undergoing a year of chemotherapy while also relearning how to sit, stand, walk and feed herself. Her surgeon is confident she will make a full recovery from her paralysis.
Ellie, 10, with her sister Jayda. When Ellie (left) was 5, she was diagnosed with hepatosplenic gamma delta T-cell lymphoma, a cancer so rare that Ellie is the first female under the age of 21 to ever be diagnosed with it. After undergoing surgery to remove her spleen and three rounds of chemo, Ellie was in remission and needed a bone marrow transplant. Jayda was the perfect match, and Ellie is now almost four years cancer-free!
The York family: Ellie (in leopard), 6, with her sisters Eva and Nora and parents Jaclyn and Michael. Ellie was diagnosed with Pre B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in April of 2016 at just 2½ years old. She was in treatment for 799 days, received chemotherapy for 568 days, had to take 20 different types of medicine and underwent multiple transfusions and infusions. Her parents say, “We are blessed to say that we have one strong and brave little girl that survived leukemia!”
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