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The Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples Florida 

By Cassie Kennedy – Photos Courtesy of Shy Wolf Sanctuary

What happens to the countless exotic and captive-bred animals that have been injured, neglected, or abandoned? Many of these animals would be put down due to state laws, as they are considered to be potentially dangerous. However, there are a few who have somehow escaped their unfortunate circumstances and found refuge at the Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples Florida, a small non-profit animal rescue.

Cassie Kennedy
Cassie is greeted by a Grey Wolf at the Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples, Florida.

Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples Florida Provides Refuge For Animals of All Types.

Shy Wolf Sanctuary has provided a home for not only abandoned wolves and wolfdogs but many other exotics that needed a place to call their own. This haven also has provided shelter for skunks, raccoons, foxes, lemurs, prairie dogs, and even a Florida Cougar named Cimarron. Volunteers at the sanctuary work tirelessly to ensure these animals are given the best life they can possibly have, especially since many of them have come from neglectful or even abusive situations.

Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples Florida
Cimarron the Florida Cougar

Meet a New Guinea Singing Dog at The Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples Florida

Clara is a New Guinea Singing Dog (commonly referred to as a “Singer” by her friends) who was rescued by Shy Wolf Sanctuary after being surrendered to an animal shelter in Texas in the summer of 2017. Her former owner had the intention of breeding New Guinea Singing Dogs, surprisingly so in private hands rather than zoos. Originally named Luna, her name was changed to Clara since the sanctuary already had a wolf in their care with that same name. Singers are not like domesticated dogs and still remain somewhat wild in their nature. However, Clara is now living happily with her companion Hunter at the Executive Director’s extra kennel. One day, she will hopefully become an ambassador for Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples.

Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples Florida
Clara The New Guinea Singing Dog.

From a Junkyard in Brooksville to the Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples Florida

Treasure was found as a stray at a junkyard in Brooksville. He was taken to the local animal shelter, where the staff immediately fell in love with his amber eyes. As a rule, shelters cannot adopt out dogs that show any signs of having wolf in their bloodline. Hernando County Animal Control finally called Shy Wolf Sanctuary to come and take this sweet boy. With the help of numerous volunteers, transport was arranged and Treasure soon arrived at his new home. He is no longer at risk of being put down here and enjoys going for walks and meeting new visitors who come to the Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples.

shy wolf sanctuary in naples florida
Treasure the Wolfdog. Photo courtesy of Shy Wolf Sanctuary
Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples Florida. Educating The Public.

Educating the public is very important to Shy Wolf Sanctuary, and each year volunteers visit dozens of local elementary schools to spread the message of how valuable and important wolves are to our ecosystems. These volunteers with often bring an animal ambassador with them as they teach children about how to respect both exotic and captive-bred animals. To visit Shy Wolf Sanctuary, reservations will be required for a guided visit. There is no entrance fee to visit the sanctuary, however, donations are accepted.

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You can visit Shy Wolf Sanctuary on the web by going to

Please take time to support the Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples Florida.

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