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Here’s a conversation you shouldn’t miss: duPont Registry Tampa Bay publisher Tom duPont chats with Michael Lundy, co-founder of the full-service law firm Older Lundy Alvarez & Koch. An expert in collaborative divorce, Lundy is a model of sanity (who also gets the award for Best Lawyer Hair). Consider his wise counsel on divorce:

“The first thing people should divorce themselves from — pun intended — is the notion that you’re going to win.”

And his other top advice:

“Put your children first.”

Lundy also talks about how his firm has pivoted during the pandemic.

“We converted to remote work essentially overnight,” he says — including installation of Zoom studios.

Other topics included the importance of talking to a lawyer right away if you think you might be at fault in an accident — or any situation:

“If you’re concerned about being guilty ever, call a lawyer before you start talking to anybody about anything,” says Lundy. “It’s just wise.”

And another reason you gotta listen to the interview…. Well, I won’t tell you. All I will say about this anecdote is that it’s, well, hot. And kinda hilarious.

Go to 9:56 in the video to find out what I mean.

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