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The Dysautonomia Project held its Under the Umbrella Gala on Saturday, October 5, at Crown Mercedes in Pinellas Park. With almost 300 guests in attendance, TDP was able to net over $470,000. Gala Chairs Angela and Kevin Hawkins brought the Tampa Bay community together for the fight against dysautonomia, a condition in which the autonomic nervous system does not work properly, potentially affecting multiple internal functions of the body. Photos by Fallbrook Photography.

Amanda Makki, Maria Loder, Matt Loder and Shelly Page.
Karen Crown, DeLene Crown and guest.
Sam Goodman, Whitney Goodman, Angela Hawkins, Kevin Hawkins and guests.
Top Row: Hunt Brand, Beth Pike, Jason Jensen, Nate Freeman, Al Ruechel and Carlton Ward. Bottom Row: Karen Crown, Lisa Rooker, Alexandra Key, Angela Hawkins, Kelly Freeman and Molly duPont Schaffer.

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