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It does not take long for scientific research to show up on store shelves. From vitamin C peels to zinc oxide, companies are constantly responding to the latest findings by offering products featuring cutting edge benefits. It turns out our DNA is no less vulnerable. The very essence of our molecular structure is becoming a guideline for beauty products and showing up in everyday skin care regimes.

Jay J. Garcia MD, Weight Loss & Wellness Centers has become a representative for the Targeted Skin line. This skin care company takes the guesswork out of choosing products by harnessing the power of genetic testing. The Targeted Skin DNA Test examines 15 genetic markers related to skin appearance and aging.

Customers perform a simple cheek swab and return their kit. Targeted Skin’s technicians analyze the sample, apply their proprietary algorithms to the results, and then mail a comprehensive report and a personalized product kit to the customer. The results identify five genetic categories: firmness and elasticity, sunspots and pigmentation, free radical damage, sensitivity, and glycation.

The report recommends a specific regimen based on each individual’s result, culled from Targeted’s line of products.  The report also includes recommended professional services to address issues within each category. For example, a person with a higher risk of abnormal pigmentation, such as freckles and blemishes in response to sun exposure, would respond best to products with retinols, kojic acid, and L-Carnitine and services such as LED light therapy and microdermabrasion.

Michael Murphy, CEO of JJ Garcia’s Centers, explains these tests cannot change DNA or diagnose or treat a medical condition, but exist to empower and educate women and men on the best route towards maintaining healthy radiant skin.

Other product lines capitalize on the 2015 Nobel Prize winning research in chemistry revealing the nature of how cells repair damaged DNA while safeguarding the genetic information. Our DNA is continuously damaged by UV radiation, free radicals, and other carcinogenic substances… and is inherently unstable, yet it manages to survive based on a host of molecular systems that continuously monitor and repair DNA, according to the Nobel Prize Committee release.

Several of these enzymes have been isolated; extracted and created from natural sources; and then encapsulated in liposomes to facilitate absorption into the skin. These DNA repair enzymes are being added to topical skin preparations to increase the effectiveness of sunscreens and to repair skin already damaged by the sun.

Noel Rucker, licensed aesthetician with Farrior Plastic Surgery Specialist in Tampa, promotes two products from the Neova SmartSkinCare ( line, which use DNA repair enzymes to enhance the effects of its formulas.

Neova DNA Damage Control is a sunscreen coupled with antioxidants to shield the skin and stabilize cells through “light activated enzymes that help minimize telltale signs of photodamage,” as stated by its literature.

Neova DNA Total Repair includes three types of enzymes to counteract and clean up existing skin damage before it becomes permanent.

Rucker says Neova DNA Total Repair is great for clients with fine lines and sunspots who do not want a prescription based peel. It’s quick, effective, and based on the latest research.

Farrior Plastic Surgery Specialist: 813-875-3223

Jay J. Garcia, MD Weight Loss & Wellness Centers: 813-871-6465

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