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Uncle Kyle’s Sweater Emporium is a store like no other.

Kyle Kelly is the genius behind a unique shop in Charleston, South Carolina, that displays over 1,000 sweaters just in time for the holidays. Make no mistake about it, this Emporium has more than just repurposed holiday sweaters; it is full of sports sweaters, too, including NFL, MLB and many college teams. The vintage pieces are the best-sellers by far because everyone wants to have the unique look that once belonged to Grandma or old aunt Matilda.

The store itself is an adventure in sensory overload. Its Facebook page, too, is a digital trip through a panorama of colors and styles. Articles have appeared on Uncle Kyle all over the internet and social media. 

Interestingly, the shop is not just for aging baby boomers. Millennials, tourists, celebrities and even the occasional frat jock stop by to shop for that unique holiday outfit. Rarely are there any duplicates in the collection. Kyle says, “The choices are overwhelming, but often times the sweater picks you.”

The Emporium pops up every year on King Street in Charleston, where the shopping is a trendy mix of big names and local entrepreneurs with a generous helping of Southern hospitality. It’d certainly warrant a trip this holiday season, but if you want to shop digitally, be forewarned: there is no formal website, so you will just have to shop the old-fashioned way — in person or over the phone.

Tell Uncle Kyle we sent you.

Uncle Kyle’s Sweater Emporium, 483 King St., Charleston, SC, 607-857-1314.

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