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Editor’s Note: For the 2021 edition of duPont Registry Tampa Bay’s Health & Happiness Issue, we asked an assortment of funny people “What makes you laugh?” Tami Evans, founder of the Up micro-community at, is a self-described “levity leadership expert,” and judging by her response she clearly knows whereof she speaks. I recommend following the link Tami provides to Sarah Millican’s stand-up routines; I’d never heard of Millican before, but trust me: Dip into any of her videos and you’ll be crying with laughter in a matter of minutes.

Tami Evans, Employee Engagement and Levity Leadership Expert

In order to keep spirits up for me, my team and my family, I like to keep a laugh file — we call it Happy Kindling (because you can light a spark when things are dark with Happy Kindling).

Some of my Happy Kindling: 

1. See a show: Sarah Millican is a brilliant British comedian who makes me laugh every time — find her here: And find her YouTube channel here.

2. It’s all pun and games: Finding ways to make everyday conversation a bit spicier with a few well-placed puns. Tami: What time is it, love? Becket: 2:30. Tami: Tooth Hurty?!? We better get to the dentist!  Becket: [Level unblinking glare]  

3. Phone a friend: My BFF Christine Cashen, one of the funniest humans on the planet!

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