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Editor’s Note: For RTB’s Health & Happiness Issue 2021, Mary Lou Janson explores the many ways in which Florida is the perfect destination for checking off lifetime bucket lists — whether you’re looking for once-in-a-lifetime adventures on land, underwater, in the sky or on the racetrack.

Submerge into shark-infested waters for face-to-fin encounters with these fierce-looking predators as they circle and swarm within the Gulf Stream waters just off the coast of Jupiter, FL.

A 30-minute boat ride with the folks from Florida Shark Diving delivers divers to an idyllic setting where the waters are seeded with chum (fish matter) to attract a variety of sharks. Once they’ve gathered, a feeding frenzy ensues before it is time for human visitors to don masks, snorkels and fins and slip below the surface. 

Observe from the safety of a shark cage built for two that is tethered to the boat or opt to stick close to a floating platform while freely swimming near the surface. Species converging close to the boat can range from tiger and great hammerhead to blacktop and bull sharks, to name a few.

Outings last about three hours and can be booked mornings, midday and afternoons daily. Snorkeling gear is provided and no experience, or certification, is necessary. Cost for the entire excursion is $195 per person.

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