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by: Sharon Fekete

Introducing The Latest Luxury Spa

Luxury Spa

Luxury Spa

The latest luxury spa retreat to delight us in Clearwater Beach is located inside the plush Wyndham Grand.  Pallavi, meaning new leaf, is an exceptional spa that encourages and inspires new beginnings.  Behind the logo stands an inspirational leader and philanthropic pillar of our community, Dr. Pallavi Patel.  As a Pediatrician, Dr. Patel has led families through many transformations and now her footprints will also linger within this wellness.


duPont REGISTRY spoke with Dr. Sheetal Patel at Pallavi Luxury Spa

Dr. Sheetal Patel heads the family office, including the family charitable foundation that focuses on health, wellness and education.

“This beautiful new hotel will be an asset to the Tampa Bay community for years to come and we have put our family stamp here in many little ways…at the Pallavi Luxury Spa, our attention to health and wellness is the focus.  We encourage you to come relax and rejuvenate- to turn over your own ‘new leaf’.”

duPont REGISTRY sat down with Pallavi’s luxury spa director, Anaelys Napoles.

Luxury Spa

“There is a specific infusion of health and wellness throughout the spa’s meticulous design.  The very best products from the UK (ELEMIS) have been hand selected to obtain maximum desired results.  Pallavi encourages a holistic approach throughout and includes the poultice massage, inspired from the healing practices of India. Techniques focused on detoxification, hydration, mood balancing and stress relief will all encourage a desire to achieve health optimization.”


When we give ourselves a chance to disengage from the stress of life and rid our body of toxins, we can begin to rejuvenate our spirit. There are multiple studies today that prove the significant impact on your health when we practice self-care. This luxurious spa was built with that in mind, along with the bonus of a respected physician’s insight on how we can all experience wellness.   Pallavi Spa offers us a chance to slow down and consider that it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf.

Learn more about Pallavi Luxury Spa by visiting:

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