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The 2022 CT5-V Blackwing will give you a full-body workout.

Think of Cadillac’s new CT5-V Blackwing — the most powerful production Caddy ever — as a gym session on wheels. 

First, you’ll need to work on those neck-strengthening exercises. That’s because when you release the Kraken that’s the Blackwing’s 668-horsepower supercharged V8, you’ll need neck muscles of steel to cope with the forward thrust.

How fast are we talking? We’re looking at standstill to 60mph in a mere 3.4 seconds. That’s quick. Slingshot-quick. And this insane acceleration doesn’t quit till the speedo needle is kissing the 200mph mark.

Next you’ll need to work on those abs. That’s because when you slam on the massive Brembo brakes and feel those six-piston calipers clamp on to the pizza-size front rotors, every stomach muscle will need to be squeezed.  

So how are your guns? You’ll need biceps of Kryptonite when you’re threading the Blackwing through the twisties, man-handling that chunky steering wheel and fighting the grip from those super-grippy Michelin Cup tires. 

Finally, you’ll need hips that can flex better than Elvis’s. How come? You see, the Blackwing is one of those rare birds that’s offered with a stick shift to make it even more of a joy on the racetrack.

That’s the fun part. Less fun is the overly heavy clutch that comes with it. I tell you, after an hour driving in heavy stop-start traffic, I could hardly walk.

Thankfully, this new Blackwing is also offered with a lightning-fast 10-speed automatic that’ll shift gears quicker than any manual. Trust me, it’s the gear-shifter you’ll want.

So what is this 2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing? It’s really a last hurrah for the All-American V8 engine. After this, all V performance models will be electric.

This new Blackwing is the spiritual successor to the much-loved Cadillac CTS-V and even carries over the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 from the last-generation model. 

See it out on the road, or track, and it screams performance more than Usain Bolt in Puma spikes. Black-finished honeycomb grilles up front, racecar-style front splitter, rear spoiler, and gorgeous forged 19-inch alloys at each corner.

There’s an optional carbon fiber body kit which looks awesome, but you’ll be in constant fear of scraping the very low-slung, and very pricey, front spoiler. 

Inside it’s a mix of no-nonsense race car and super-luxury limo. It’s all gorgeous quilted semi-aniline leather with carbon fiber trim, terrific, big-bolstered front seats, and a thick-rimmed steering wheel that could have come out of a NASCAR racer. 

Plan on heading out on the race track — which is really what this car is all about — and the optional carbon fiber-shelled front seats will hold you tighter than a John Cena body-lock.

I just spent a week wrangling this scary-fast, mega-horsepower beast — base price $84,990, or $106,000 nicely loaded — trying to protect my driver’s license and not overdose on muscle relaxers and Biofreeze. 

With this car you crave a snaking Northern California mountain road, or a North Carolina switchback, or the 11 miles and 318 curves of Tennessee’s Tail of the Dragon. Florida’s arrow-straight SR-60? Not so much. 

But every new Blackwing should really come with membership to a  private racetrack, like Miami’s amazing The Concours Club, or Tampa’s soon-to-be-completed The Motor Enclave. 

Here you could really stretch the Caddy’s legs and revel in the astonishing performance, handling and technology that makes it go around corners very, very fast.  

One day, this CT5-V Blackwing will be considered one of the all-time great V8 performance cars. Grab one while you can. 


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