Voices of Hope for Aphasia members celebrate giving back.

Aphasia Gives Back…packs!

“Just like everyone else, people with aphasia want to feel productive and useful, they want to give back to their community.”

Self portrait (variant on Lee Miller par Lee Miller), Paris, France c1930 by Lee Miller. © Lee Miller Archives England 2020. All Rights Reserved. www.leemiller.co.uk

It’s All About the Women!

It’s a great time in Tampa Bay to enjoy work by (and about) women, in museums, theaters and on screen.

Playwright/actor/novelist Natalie Symons.

Ten Reasons It’s A Good Week to Be Natalie Symons

Big things are happening on stage and page for the St. Petersburg-based writer.

10 Things You Gotta See at MAACM (aka the Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement)

For six-plus years, the gorgeous behemoth rising up on the corner of 4th & 4th North in downtown St. Pete has been much buzzed-about. How big is that thing? What’s […]

What Makes You Laugh, Bonnie Agan?

Editor’s Note: For the 2021 edition of duPont Registry Tampa Bay’s Health & Happiness Issue, we asked an assortment of funny people “What makes you laugh?” Bonnie Agan is one of Tampa Bay’s […]

What Makes You Laugh, Chelsea McMillan?

Dogs always give me the giggles….

What Makes You Laugh, Tami Evans?

Sarah Millican, Christine Cashen and other “Happy Kindling”…

What makes you laugh, Terry Igo?

My daughter Rose…

Image courtesy Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Living with Whales (and Dolphins, too) at Clearwater Marine Aquarium

You know that story about the lobsterman who got swallowed by a humpback whale? Here’s a safer, but no less exciting, alternative.

What Makes You Laugh, Andrew Harlan?

Puns, puns, and oh yes…. puns. Especially “Pugtato.”