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“She runs the gamut of emotions from A to B.”

That’s the infamous quip reputedly made by Dorothy Parker about an early performance by Katherine Hepburn. Witty, yes, but slightly unfair, given Hepburn’s subsequent career. Still, a limited emotional palette seems almost enviable at the moment, given that we’ve all been running the gamut from A to Z and back again, buffeted by an unprecedented confluence of disasters both natural and man-made.

Which brings me to our annual A to Z Issue, dRTB’s version of a “Best of” list. Given the present circumstances, we’ve shifted the focus slightly this year: We’re celebrating people and businesses who have been successfully riding the turbulent waves of change.

The A to Z Issue will be out in print in mid-July, but we’ll be teasing the content throughout the next several weeks, one letter at a time. Keep returning to this page, which we’ll be updating regularly.

A is for Auto: Making a difference beyond the world of wheels

B is for Beauty: Caring for heads and hands with a whole lotta heart

C is for Celebrations: A virtual winefest, drive-by graduations and more.

D is for Dining: Takeout, helping out and taking it to the streets

E is for Education: Learning at a distance

F is for Fashion: Boutiques with a personal touch

G is for Giving: Helping fight hunger and fund education

H is for Health Care: Courage and constancy during a pandemic

I is for Interior Design: Sprucing up our shelters, indoors and out

J is for Jets: Flying right and giving back

K is for Kitchens: Home cooking never looked so good

L is for Landscaping: Nature’s beauty at the Pier and at home

M is for Money: Vital funding and good advice during times of crisis

N is for Newspapers: Carrying on through tough times and more necessary than ever

O is for Online Arts: COVID can’t stop creativity

P is for Pools: Dive in and say “Ahhhh!”

Q is for Quarantinis: A toast to the purveyors of life-saving libations

R is for Real Estate: Success and safety in a seller’s market

S is for Sports: Rays, Bucs, Bolts, Rowdies — they’re baaack!

T is for Travel: Safer staycations and great rates for Floridians

U is for United States Postal Service: In praise of the people who bring us our mail

V is for Volunteers: What they did for love

W is for Watercraft: It’s boom time for boats

X is for eXercise: Staying fit online, on bikes and on the golf course

Y is for Yum: A not-skinny editor recalls his favorite dishes of the year

Z is for Zoom: The way we live now

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