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Over the past several months, we’ve pitted pizza against pizza, omelette against omelette, and pumpkin cheesecake against pumpkin pie. We began by judging signature dishes at tried-and-true restaurants against versions of those same dishes at newer establishments, but we’ve branched out since then to supermarket fare, fast food joints and upscale steakhouses.

So where do we go next? We go to you, the FFFF (Friday Food Fight Fan)!

Through comments on this post in Facebook, messages on Instagram or Reddit, or emails to dwarner@registrytampabay.com, let us know what culinary face-offs you’d like to see.

We’d rather not repeat ourselves, so please try to stay clear of businesses and dishes we’ve already written about. To help you with that, I’m including a list of past FFF stories with links. Otherwise, we’re open to all suggestions — may the best tastes win!

Here’s the list of past FFF battles, in reverse chronological order:

Friday Food Fight: An epic steak showdown (Fleming’s Prime vs Rococo Steak)

Friday Food Fight: Little round brownies vs. big square brownies (Publix vs. The Fresh Market)

Friday Food Fight: Shepherd’s pie or cottage pie — two classics square off (Three Birds vs. Horse & Jockey)

Friday Food Fight: Which roast chicken rules the roost? Fresh Market or Publix?

Friday Food Fight: Which veggie burger goes Beyond delicious? (Golden Dinosaurs vs. Engine No. 9)

Friday Food Fight: The best of the bubbles (Mermosa vs. Cooper’s Hawk vs. La Marca proseccos)

Christmas cookie showdown: Alessi Bakery vs. Bake’n Babes 

Pizzas with heat: Fabrica vs. Colony Grill

Pumpkin pie or pumpkin cheesecake?

O, Omelette! Willa’s vs. The Frog Pond

Salad Daze: The Columbia vs. Toss

The Grill of Victory: Fo’Cheezy vs. Uptown Eats 

What a croque! La Croisette vs. Sammy + Paco’s

Popeyes vs. Better Byrd: Who’s the chicken sandwich champ?

Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger! El Cap vs. Shake Shack 

Fray’s or Daddies: Who does donuts better?

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